Blue-and-yellow macaw (ara ararauna) is a parrot species that inhabits the South American tropical rainforests. This is a very glorious bird often grown in the zoos.
Macaws are one of the largest parrots – 46 to 95 cm in height, with a bright and glorious plumage, a long wedge-shaped tail and a powerful, highly curved beak.
Depending on the species, in the plumage dominate fire red, bright blue, yellow and green colours. Due to their bright colours Indians used the tail and wing feathers of certain species as a decor. Head sides and areas around the eyes are featherless.
Blue-and-yellow macaw inhabits the moist tropical forests, also savannah, brushwood and cactus covered areas. Macaws need large trees for both finding a food and building nests in the tree cavities during the breeding season. Like most parrots, macaws feed on a variety of seeds, nuts and fruits.
In good conditions the lifespan of these large, glorious birds can exceed 50 years. Macaws are very smart birds and they gladly contact with people.
Macaw Āris arrived in “Rakši” in July 2018.