Rules to follow when visiting «Rakši»

These regulations ensure the successful operation and order of the territory of the «Rakši» Camel Park, and visitors are obliged to comply with the rules of the internal order of the territory.

  1. With purchasing the Camel Park’s «Rakši» bracelet visitor confirms that he is acquaint with the internal rules of territory, agrees with them and undertakes to follow them.
  2. The entrance bracelet ensures that the purchased service is used only once.
  3. Sixt electric cars and velocart usage time is 10 minutes for 1 person.
  4. Parents are responsible for their children acquainted with the rules and they are following to them, as well as watching over their children in the park territory.
  5. Visitors should respectfully treat the park staff, other visitors and the park equipment.
  6. The Camel Park «Rakši» territory is available for visitors on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on weekends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (cash desk closes 30 minutes before the end of the working time).
  7. The parking area is free of charge for the visitors of the Camel Park «Rakši».
  8. To purchase the discounted tickets at the Camel Park «Rakši»” cash desk person must present a document certifying that the he is entitled to use the discount.
  9. For persons with disabilities and their companion visiting the Camel Park «Rakši» ZOO is free of charge.
  10. The Camel Park «Rakši» territory is a public event location, it may be photographed and filmed there, and obtained materials may be used for publicity purposes.

The internal order and safety rules of the camel park «Rakši»

  1. It is forbidden to enter the territory with dogs or other pets.
  2. The donkey cart always has a preference when it is moving.
  3. It is forbidden to feed animals with the snacks that are taken with you.
  4. For visitors it is strictly forbidden to feed the camels and the donkeys.
  5. It is forbidden to yell to animals and run after them.
  6. It is forbidden to climb, bend over and sit on the animal pens.
  7. It is forbidden to damage and break the Camel Park inventory.
  8. It is forbidden to bring intoxicating substances, sharp and flammable objects in the territory.
  9. Children may stay in the Camel Park «Rakši» territory only under the strict adult supervision. Please take care of your children’s safety!
  10. There are additional references and rules in the territory, non-compliance of which is considered an offence against the rules of the internal order.
  11. It is forbidden to swim in the water body located in the territory.
  12. Waste may be thrown only in the specially designed waste bins.
  13. Report to the employees of the Camel Park “«Rakši» about any emergency, and follow the employee’s instructions in any emergency.
  14. It is forbidden to smoke in the park territory less than 10 meters from the cash desk, souvenir shop, «Camel cafe» entrances, as well as at the amusement places.