Made in Latvia!

Camel milk is called “desert white gold” because it is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, is not allergic and has healing properties.




Exquisite rejuvenating face mask DIAMOND

The exquisite rejuvenating cream mask nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  Camel milk extract in combination with collagen and elastin slows down the skin aging process, increases its tone and strengthens the skin. The mask helps to maintain the skin elasticity, improves metabolism and removes toxins. A powerful antioxidant complex stimulates collagen synthesis, restores skin elasticity and tone, reduces wrinkles, promotes the lifting effect and has a modeling effect on the face oval. The skin becomes fresh and relaxed.

Rejuvenating and moisturising face cream SAPPHIRE

Сream with camel milk, marine collagen and elastin stimulates the synthesis of the natural collagen and helps to maintain elasticity of the skin by reaching the deepest layers of the it. Camel milk enhances skin collagen regeneration by effective nourishing and moisturizing. Natural moisturizers refresh and tone the skin, reduce tissue swelling and skin sensitivity, even out skin tone and fine lines.  Plant extracts and natural oils significantly strengthen the skin, restore the health of the epidermis, protect from the harmful effects of the sun, reduce skin damage caused by the urban environment and oxidative stress.  For all skin types.

Silky gentle body cream SAHARA

Camel milk in synergy with hydrolyzed marine collagen perfectly moisturizes the skin, promotes the skin’s own collagen regeneration, thus restoring skin firmness and elasticity. The combination of plant extracts is rich in antioxidants, inhibits the aging processes in the skin, strengthens and rejuvenates the skin, improving the body contour, smoothing small wrinkles. Improves blood supply of the skin, strengthens capillary walls and reduces tissue swelling. Natural plant oils nourish and moisturize the skin.  The rich combination of fatty acids effectively rejuvenates the skin and reduces sunlight induced damage to the skin, acts as a natural UV protector