ONE-HUMPED camel (Camelus dromedarius)

CAMELS (Camelus)

Even-toed ungulate of camel family which today has 2 species:

BACTRIAN CAMEL – two-humped camel and DROMEDARY – single-humped camel.

Weight: 400-1000 kg

Height: 1,8 -2,3 m

Life Span: 40-50 years (walrus – 30, elephant – 70, human – 79)

Gestation:  15 months


* Camels and humans have a common history of at least 4,500 years. In the past, the number of camels indicated the status and wealth of the owner.

* They were the main means of transport on the famous Silk Road.

* There are currently 2 million Bactrian camels and 15 million dromedaries in the world.

* Used as labor, vehicle, also for milk and meat production. Hump fat is useful in cooking.

* Manure – for fertilizing and fuel.

* Wool – for clothes, blankets, carpets, tents. Leather – for shoes, water bags, etc.

* Camel races and beauty contests are still going on. Cheating is detected in them – camel’s lips and nose are improved with botox injections.

* In Australia thera are currently around 100,000 wild camels, descendants of one-humped camels.


* Accumulate fat in the humps – reserves can reach 38 kg.

* While walking, takes a step with both feet of one side, so the rider is rocked quite hard.

* Can drink 100 liters of water in 10 minutes.

* Almost do not sweat, therefore they are suitable for desert hiking.

* Able to change the body temperature from 34 to 41 ℃ in order to retain water.

* In extreme conditions can survive up to 6 months without water and food.

* Able to run at speed up to 68 km/h.

* During a sandstorm they are able to almost completely close the nostrils.

* Eyelashes in two rows and thick eyebrows protect the eyes from the sand.

* Can get angry and spit.

ONE-HUMPED camel (Camelus dromedarius)

Distribution: North Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe.

In the Rakši since 2013 – imported from Germany, the Netherlands, the Canary Islands.


* Shy, usually hold together in groups.

* Greet by blowing each other in the face.

* The gait is similar to a giraffe.

* In starvation, start eating anything, including fish and bones.

* In the Egypt Napoleon Bonaparte set up a “dromedary corps” to better deal with Bedouin attacks.

* Moans and sighs of Dromedary were used for Chewbacca voice in Star Wars.